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Things that I’m up to lately

Sometimes I look at my blog and figure that I ought to post here, just so it’s clear that I haven’t abandoned it entirely–blogging gets a smaller audience than my Twitter account, but it doesn’t have a 140-character limit, which … Continue reading

Bullspec interview (from Summer 2010)

For those who haven’t seen this, here’s an interview I did by e-mail with Sam Montgomery-Blinn for the Summer 2010 issue of Bullspec. It’s mostly about The Dream of Perpetual Motion, but other subjects show up, too.

On owning an iPad

I learned from experience not to buy the first version of an Apple product (my mistake was the Titanium Powerbook G4, which had several tiny, persistent problems that annoyed me during the life of the machine). But I’ve been an … Continue reading

Occasional blogging

My novel The Dream of Perpetual Motion was published in paperback this week by Picador, and this seemed like a good occasion to have the website redesigned (by Alice Zheng, who did a great job of capturing the general look … Continue reading