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On abandoning books

Once I start reading a book, I’m always extremely reluctant to put it down without finishing it. It always seems like I could be making a mistake in doing so, that I’m returning the book to its shelf just before … Continue reading


Blog posting has been infrequent lately, because most of my writing each day is going into a new novel. But in my spare time I’ve been into these things:

Bullspec interview (from Summer 2010)

For those who haven’t seen this, here’s an interview I did by e-mail with Sam Montgomery-Blinn for the Summer 2010 issue of Bullspec. It’s mostly about The Dream of Perpetual Motion, but other subjects show up, too.

Another note on digression

The release of the new volume of A Song of Ice and Fire, which several of my friends are either reading or getting ready to read, has got me thinking about digression again.

The Waste Land on iPad

In an earlier post on acquiring an iPad, I said it was “halfway between a clever toy and a useful tool.” That was when I didn’t know what it was for. I know what it’s for now—it’s for reading The … Continue reading

Cameo appearances

The Dream of Perpetual Motion has been mentioned in one form or another in two recently published books that are both well worth a look.

The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media

Recently I finished reading Ilana Gershon’s book The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media, and found it endlessly fascinating.

Digression in the Arabian Nights

In the evenings lately I’ve been working my way through the new translation of The Arabian Nights by Malcolm Lyons, published by Penguin. I’m pretty sure that I’ve encountered at least some of the stories in this sequence before (though … Continue reading