Online presence, or lack thereof

A quick note: my blogging will probably continue to be extremely sporadic for the foreseeable future, since almost all of the writing I do each day is for the novel in progress (which’ll be done… whenever it’s done). And I rarely check my Facebook account. But I’m relatively active on Twitter (@dexterauthor): I seem to be able to find 140 characters to spare every once in a while.

On abandoning books

Once I start reading a book, I’m always extremely reluctant to put it down without finishing it. It always seems like I could be making a mistake in doing so, that I’m returning the book to its shelf just before reading the page that would justify all the time I’d invested in it before. Still, though, there are a few books I’ve abandoned and haven’t yet returned to: here are my confessions.
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It’s common to hear writing advice that says you should write every day, no matter what, but I’ve found that procrastination is an essential part of the writing process, and any reasonable timetable for completion of a long work will account for it. I’m in a procrastination period now, but that’s not a bad thing: the impulse to procrastinate is a phenomenon best defeated by embracing it. And procrastination has its uses.
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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve finished up a playthrough of Atlus’s new game Catherine. It’s the hardest game I expect to play this year (unless I can make time for Dark Souls when that comes out), but if it weren’t as challenging as it is, it wouldn’t work as a game.
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