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Persona 3 Portable

After 90 hours spread out over five months, I finally finished Persona 3 Portable yesterday. It’s the fifth Shin Megami Tensei game I’ve completed (along with Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga I and II, and Strange Journey), and also, I think, … Continue reading

Cameo appearances

The Dream of Perpetual Motion has been mentioned in one form or another in two recently published books that are both well worth a look.

On owning an iPad

I learned from experience not to buy the first version of an Apple product (my mistake was the Titanium Powerbook G4, which had several tiny, persistent problems that annoyed me during the life of the machine). But I’ve been an … Continue reading

Play Time

How did I manage to get this far in life without seeing Play Time?

Zardoz speaks to you

Last night I forced some friends to watch John Boorman’s film Zardoz, which is a thing I like to do every once in a while. I think this was my fourth time viewing it, but it may be the first … Continue reading

The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media

Recently I finished reading Ilana Gershon’s book The Breakup 2.0: Disconnecting over New Media, and found it endlessly fascinating.

On a couple of vampire movies

This weekend I watched the film Daybreakers, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I think it’s interesting, which isn’t the same thing as saying I think it’s perfect, but I would rather watch an interesting film with … Continue reading

Writing by hand

One of the highlights of my trip to the University of Virginia last week was a chance to spend some time alone with the autograph manuscript for William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. The paper on which it’s written … Continue reading

Digression in the Arabian Nights

In the evenings lately I’ve been working my way through the new translation of The Arabian Nights by Malcolm Lyons, published by Penguin. I’m pretty sure that I’ve encountered at least some of the stories in this sequence before (though … Continue reading

Occasional blogging

My novel The Dream of Perpetual Motion was published in paperback this week by Picador, and this seemed like a good occasion to have the website redesigned (by Alice Zheng, who did a great job of capturing the general look … Continue reading