Online presence, or lack thereof

A quick note: my blogging will probably continue to be extremely sporadic for the foreseeable future, since almost all of the writing I do each day is for the novel in progress (which’ll be done… whenever it’s done). And I rarely check my Facebook account. But I’m relatively active on Twitter (@dexterauthor): I seem to be able to find 140 characters to spare every once in a while.

3 Responses to Online presence, or lack thereof

  1. Laurel Schuster says:

    Hey Dexter! The Dream of Perpetual Motion is my favorite novel. I just loaned my copy to a friend (he traded me Flowers for Algernon) and it got me thinking about the book again. I’d love to read more from you. Is your second novel still on its way?

    • dexterpalmer says:

      Hello, Laurel–thanks for the kind words!

      My next novel, Version Control, will be published by Pantheon in September–I just turned in the final draft last month. It will have a different feel than The Dream of Perpetual Motion–it’s set in New Jersey and New York, and it takes place between the mid-1990s and the near future. The few people who’ve seen it thus far seemed to enjoy reading it, and I’m looking forward to finally getting it out into the world.

      I’ll probably start to do vaguely self-promotional things sometime during the summer, once the novel is closer to its publication date. In the meantime, nice to hear from you! –Dexter

      • dexterpalmer says:

        P.S. I found out last week that my publisher has moved the date of this book from September 2015 to sometime in spring 2016–a bit more of a wait, but it’ll be on shelves eventually. More soon-ish.